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Commercial Construction

Schick Construction Inc. has over 40 years’ experience as a full service general contracting firm specializing in Commercial Tenant Improvements, Restaurants, Nightclubs and Specialty Construction.

As a LEED AP (accredited in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Benjamin Schick, President of Schick Construction Inc. and his team have the ability and experience to bring energy efficiency and sustainability to your projects. Our company can take an existing building and with low cost measures show ownership and management how they can increase efficiency and lower operating costs.

We are dedicated to raising awareness of sustainability and are well versed in the strategies that produce the best life-cycle cost impact on existing buildings and new construction.

Schick Construction Inc. understands that the basic elements of the “building process” are completing a project on time, within budget and to the satisfaction of our clients.

Meeting and exceeding these goals have been a hallmark of Schick Construction Inc since 1976

Homeowners Associations

When Homeowner Associations are contemplating significant construction or repairs many turn to Schick Construction Inc. for assistance in managing the project. From determining a scope of work to assisting in the bidding process and then overseeing the job, Schick Construction Inc. offers it expertise in making the right decisions and making sure the HOA doesn’t get burned. We have found that the Board of HOA’s is typically staffed with well-meaning Homeowners who often have little or no construction experience. Schick Construction Inc. acts as an agent and intermediary between the Board of the HOA and the contractors, thus ensuring a well-run job that is on budget and on time. Benjamin Schick, the president of Schick Construction Inc. is also serving as president of the HOA he currently lives at, taking care of projects from seismic retrofitting to re-roofing the entire 68-unit complex.

Partnership Projects

Benjamin Schick has formed several successful real estate partnerships. As the general partner, these partnerships have purchased numerous commercial and multi-family residences and single family residences, made necessary repairs, upgrades, and improvements to increase cash flow and greatly increase the value of those properties.

Cutting edge technology and current Government legislation.

Keeping up with and using the latest innovations in construction is a constant learning curve. From specialized coatings which clean the air and prevent mold to self-cleaning window glass, Schick Construction Inc. is constantly researching and utilizing the latest construction techniques and technologies.

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