We started here a few years ago, 

It started with one family on a Facebook group who needed a little help. 

Then it became two. Then with the help of ESPN (El Segundo Parent Network), El Segundo Kiwanis Club, El Segundo POA (El Segundo Police Officers Association, and the ESFD (El Segundo Fire Department), we ended up helping over 25 families to have a happier Christmas last year

If things are tough for you this year, don't stress over it. You will have presents for all your kids. I have many additional groups that have said they will help provide gifts if needed. 

If you need help, it is very easy. Just send an email to ElSegundoChristmas@gmail.com

Include your children's ages and gender. Clothes sizes, colors they like, maybe items on their list to Santa. 

That is it. 

No need to feel embarrassed or any emotion besides relief that you have one less thing to worry about. 

If you wish to remain anonymous, that can be arranged. Create a new email address, send me the note, and I will send you a note when you can swing by and pick up your things at a neutral place.

It was an amazing experience last couple of years. The stories of those giving were as amazing as those who received.

If you are a parent in need, I would like you to know that by you allowing others to return the kindness shown to them their past, you may be helping them to fulfill debts they feel they owe or promises they made to themselves years ago.

If you would like to help, all help is appreciated. 

I will post the list of ages and gender below. If you are out shopping and want to grab something, send an email that you have a present for that gender and age and I will update the list.


Any questions, please feel free to send an email or call 310 490 3068


Family 1

8 year old girl and 16 year old boy.

Boy 16:

  • MAC book pro laptop (used is fine)
  • Shoes from Vans
  • Black L Shape desk with drawers
  • Clothes from Active
  • 501 original jeans 34-30
  • Clothes from Zumiez

Girl 8:

• Pink Caboodle
• 20 inch kids beach cruiser bike Fulfilled by an Angel.

• Slime 

• Limited edition sharpies permanent markers 44 ct set to draw

• Toys

  • Justice clothes 
  • Nike shoes size 1

Family 2

Would love a Christmas Tree

One boy 11 years old.

  • Video game Terminator Resistance
  • Video game Star Wars Iforce Unleased 2
  • Skechers Shoes Size 5
  • Clothes size med boys. 
  • Anything Baseball - ESLL Majors

Mom Gym clothes size S or 6/ 8.5 shoes

Family 3

Girl 15,

Girl 13,

Boy 5

  • Jewelry making kit
  • Gift card to Pac Sun, Brandy Melville, Converse, Footlocker or
    Vans store
  • Vans men size 9 (not sure what that converts to women)
  • Legos
  • Air pods(used ok)
  • Anything is appreciate.

Family 4

Girl 17

  • Coconut Candels
  • Sweatssuit (Small) Black or White
  • Socks (Short)
  • Pajamas
  • Television - Fulfilled by an Angel

Family 5

Girl 8

  • Snow pants girls size 10
  • Cotton underwear (frozen 2 theme?) - size 10 girls
  • Fun Cotton socks- girls shoe size 3 (age 8).
  • Harry Potter Owl. Hedwig.
  • Navy blue tights. Girls size 10/12
  • Size 10 girls pants/stretchy leggings- Navy Blue & BlackKids
  • Ski/day pass & equipment for Mountain High/1 adult too if possible.

A little more

These families can also use cash, gift cards and food.  Any monetary donations will be tracked and verified that they are distributed. 

Everyone is welcome to view the transaction records.  

This year we will have other families helping, collecting gifts and drop off locations. 

Last year, I purchased rolls and rolls of wrapping paper after the holiday. So wrapping paper will be included with all gifts. 

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